Moving specials for seniors in Toronto

We perfectly understand that moving at any age is a challenge: sometime exciting, sometime not so much but always with some dose of headache. For many seniors moving might be quite tough decision to make because it involves not only physical effort but also emotional and sentimental aspect.

However, we want you to know that you are not alone and with all respect and admiration we'd like to offer you our help and 10% discount to make your relocation as smooth, stress free and pleasant as possible.

You've worked a lot in your life, so let us work for you now because is nothing more precious for us to see your happy eyes! Let us assist you from planning and packing to hanging your favorite family's pictures on the wall of your new house.

For us is not a problem to relocate your belongings anywhere within Canada. To be sure that all single item that your heart loves is not missing and is properly packed, let us give you some basic tips to stay organized.

Before your moving day, please:

  • Make sure you finished all packing remember to label all boxes and preferably in different colors, for example blue color labeled box goes into the basement, yellow -is kitchen stuff and so on.
  • Have your most needed things in one bag (for example your clothes, medications, eyeglasses, towels, book, cell etc.)
  • Make sure you packed everything by checking all cabinets once again.
  • Have all tools you might need for packing in one place.
  • Be careful with your groceries. Use coolers for their transportation.
  • Please take a good rest on the night before your move.

On Moving day

  • Try to relax and supervise the whole moving process.
  • Double-check with movers your new address.
  • Be sure you carry all precious and important items yourself
  • Always is a good idea to double-check all the rooms of your house to make sure they are empty and nothing is forgotten. Would be better to do this few times and with your family member's aid.

We will be glad and proud to assist you that day and offer you whole package of our service at 10% discount. We also want to wish you all the best at your new place!