Moving truck in Toronto
Moving Truck rental in Toronto

Two truck rental options

Carefree Moving offers a new, innovative approach to moving. Now hire a full team with movers, driver, and truck as you’re accustomed to doing or hire just the truck and driver. We’re dedicated to providing the best moving experience possible with options available to help you save time and money.

1. Hiring full moving team with a truck

Pro Team at Your Service

Select a traditional service with a full team, driver and moving truck rental. With this option, you don’t have to lift a finger. Our professional movers will coordinate the relocation from start to finish for peace-of-mind and a carefree move.

Add-on services such as packing, piano moving, office moving, or storage rental for a complete package. Our experience with both local and long-distance options means that we’ll take care of the heavy lifting while you focus on your family.

  • Truck pick-up and delivery
  • Pro team to load and unload
  • Moving supplies included
  • Fully insured for peace-of-mind

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2. Only renting moving truck with a driver

Driving Your Move Your Way

Select a moving truck rental with driver option for a unique experience. This option saves time—no need to pick up the truck yourself—our driver brings the truck to you and delivers everything to the final destination.

This alternative offers cheap moving truck rental with driver and includes everything you need—gas, insurance, moving materials, and discounts on packing materials. You load and unload, saving the expense of extra movers.

  • Pro driver handles complete move
  • Walking ramp instead of liftgate saves time
  • All moving supplies included
  • No extra charge for gas and insurance

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Moving Truck Rental Options Comparison

 Popular moving truck
rental companies
Renting Carefree Moving
truck with driver
Hiring Carefree Moving
team with truck
Truck pickup and delivery You We We
Truck driving You We We
Truck return You We We
Truck loading and unloading You You We
Truck gas Extra Included Included
Truck insurance Extra Included Included
Moving supplies Extra Included Included
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Truck Size Options to Meet Your Needs

Moving truck rental in Toronto requires a variety of options to meet your specific needs. Carefree Moving offers eight different sizes and styles including pickups, cargo vans, and trucks ranging from 16-foot to 30-foot. Move a few items or a 5-bedroom house. We provide the right vehicles to get the job done quickly and easily.

30ft moving truck rental

30ft trucks

4-5 bedrooms

26ft moving truck rental

26ft trucks

3-4 bedrooms

24ft moving truck rental

24ft trucks

3 bedrooms

20ft moving truck rental

20ft trucks

2-3 bedrooms

16ft moving truck rental

16ft trucks

1-2 bedrooms

14ft moving truck rental

14ft cargo vans

1 bedroom

10ft moving truck rental

10ft cargo vans


pickup truck rental


Small moves

Fully Equipped With Moving Supplies

All Carefree Moving trucks are equipped with all necessary moving supplies, equipment and walking ramps.

Floor runners
Floor runners
Wardrobe boxes
Wardrobe boxes
Ropes and straps
Ropes and straps

Also we offer on demand packing materials (boxes, stretch wrap etc) for much cheaper prices than in stores.

Fully Equipped

Our fleet of standard-equipped 26-foot trucks can fit up to 5 rooms equaling 192 square feet of floor space and up to 1,700 cubic feet of loading space. Each truck is loaded with a standard set of boxes, blankets, furniture pads, wheel dollies, hand trucks and ropes to assist with the move.


All Carefree Moving trucks are well-maintained and regularly inspected for optimum mechanical performance. They are thoroughly cleaned after each move and lashing straps are checked for operational integrity.

Insured and Bonded

The company is fully insured and bonded to provide the best protection against mishap and peace of mind for clients. There is no need for additional coverage for the majority of belongings, but upgraded indemnity insurance is recommended for valuable jewelry or antique furniture.

Operated by Professionals

All Carefree Moving drivers are fully vetted and have a minimum of five years of professional truck driving experience. This ensures that transport from our clients' home or office to the new location is carried out with precision and expertise.