Costs of Moving

You have hired Toronto movers, and they have done an amazing job.  If you hired an excellent moving company, then there is a good chance that they arrived on time, and they delivered on time, with all of your property having been carefully taken care of and put in its place.  You’ve made it through the move, and you think it’s all over.  But, that’s not quite true.  A huge part of the move process is actually getting your life started in your new place.  As you consider your move, it will be vital for you to understand the real costs associated with settling into the new home.


When you move, one thing that you will absolutely need to take care of is getting your utilities set up in your new place.  What you may not be prepared for is the fact that many utility companies may charge you a service fee simply for changing your service, or setting up a new service.  Depending on the type of service, you may be charged anywhere from $30 to $100.  A good rule of thumb is to try and bundle any of your services with one company if possible.  For example, you can choose one company to obtain your home phone, Internet, and cable.


You probably won’t be moving the entire contents of your pantry and your refrigerator with you, especially if you’re making a long distance move, or cross country move.  If you are making a long distance move, chances are that you will have to replace everything, from spices to canned goods, from fresh produce to a variety of different perishables.   

With the replacement of these items will come a pretty hefty grocery bill.  You could be looking at $100 alone just to fill up your spice rack again, depending on the number of spices you need and the quality of them.  Then you will also need to consider the additional costs you will incur just in the process of re-stocking your pantry.  Each grocery trip, you may tack on an additional $100 to $200 on top of the normal weekly or bi-weekly bill you are used to receiving. 

Household Items

Finally, you will need to consider the costs associated with replacing all the different household items you will need for your new home.  When you packed and prepared your boxes to be handled by your Toronto movers, you probably didn’t think to save your laundry soap, or those additional light bulbs you had in your closet.  You may need to consider calculating in an additional $50 to $100 to replace these types of necessities.