Essential Moving Supplies

When moving, you will find that there are many things that will assist you in completing the various tasks related to the move.  And just like any other task, completing the packing of your home and getting it moved are much easier when you put in a little bit of preparation beforehand.

If you have ever done a move before, then you know that there are often a variety of little tasks that you end up needing to complete, that often require certain tools that you didn’t think you would need.  In order to save time and keep you prepared during your move process, here is a complete list of the items that you may need to get packing efficiently and effectively.

1.    A Notebook or Binder – This will come in handy for you when you need to store vital information such as your old and new home lease, your Toronto movers contract, and any important lists or inventories.
2.    Labels – The use of labels can assist you in easily identifying the contents of any box.  Use the labels to mark each box as to what room it belongs in and a keyword related to box contents.  For example, “Bedroom-Linens.”
3.    Packing Tape – The best packing tape that you can find, as well as a dispenser, will make the packing of your items infinitely more productive.  It may be a good idea to have one for every family member so that they can seal any boxes that they are responsible for packing individually.  You might want to also consider getting strapping tape that can help to make the bottoms of any boxes stronger, especially if the contents are heavily weighted.
4.    Saran Wrap or Plastic Wrap - This item is essential during a move.  Most often times, it can be used to secure the doors of cabinets to keep them from opening, as well as securing drawers so that they won’t fall out during the move.  
5.    Packing Paper and Bubble Wrap – If you want to make sure that your more precious items are securely packed, then you will need packing paper and bubble wrap.  These items will be of particular help when packing dishes, glasses, and other fragile items.
6.    Boxes – For any move, you are going to need boxes.  The great thing is that no matter the size, you can get boxes just about anywhere.  Most Toronto movers can supply them so check with them early on in the process.