Packing tips for moving

When it comes time to start contacting Toronto movers and really getting your relocation started, there is so much for you to think about and to do. What type of supplies do you need? How can you get organized? What can make things easier? Following these five simple packing tips will answer some of your questions and help you along the way.

  1. When packing your belongings, remember to take an inventory. The best thing to do is to label boxes with their contents using a black marker. The most easily identifiable place is on the top of the box. For those of you with a more meticulous nature, you may also want to create a list of the contents of each box for more accurate identification once the move is complete.
  2. Remember to always use the smallest boxes available. It happens all too often that large boxes become so laden with items that they are practically unmanageable. It will be much simpler for you to manage many smaller boxes versus trying and being unable to lift a handful of larger boxes. A good rule of thumb is to limit your boxes to a 50-pound weight.
  3. Don’t pack sporadically. To help you stay organized, it will be much easier for you to pack each one of your rooms individually. Color-coding is an efficient tool during this process. For example, you could label all your living room boxes with green stickers and your kitchen with red stickers. It is also important to consider packing like items together. It may not be a great idea to pack heavy appliances along with your china.
  4. If at all possible, keep component parts together as well. Any kind of hardware such as furniture screws can be placed in a baggy and attached to the piece it belongs to. This can be done with cords also. In addition, you may want to consider keeping certain items together versus separating them for packing. A good example of this is silverware and the tray it goes in. Instead of separating them for packing, you can try wrapping it all tightly with bubble wrap and securing it this way for your
  5. It will help you and your Toronto movers to stay on track if you are able to designate which boxes are the most essential. If you know you are going to need a couple priority boxes within the first 12 hours of your relocation, be sure to mark the boxes with some kind of signage to let you or your movers know that those boxes need to be loaded last and unloaded first.