Questions to ask moving company

Nothing is more troubling than dealing with an impending move. It is a stressful experience for anyone to realize that it’s time to relocate, whether locally or across the country. When something like this happens to you, it is absolutely of the most importance that you have Toronto movers that you can count on to get your home from Point A to Point B safely and securely.

Finding a quality and knowledgeable moving company may prove to be a tough task for some people. There are certainly fraudulent companies out there, and the moving industry is not exempt from that. However, with the high stakes and great cost associated with relocation, people have to remain focused and informed on any moving company that they consider. As a person looking for prospective movers, there are three questions to ask.

Does the moving company have liability coverage, workers’ compensation insurance, as well as a valid business license?

When evaluating any Toronto moving company, the answer to this question has to be “yes,” “yes,” and “yes.” There are absolutely no exceptions to this. In addition, after you have asked this question, you should follow it up with a request for any paperwork that will prove the company does in fact have the necessary coverage and license. If for some reason a moving company can’t produce these materials, you should be cautious and continue looking for another provider.

Does the moving company have a list of references?

An absolute necessity when looking at potential moving companies is obtaining appropriate references. Companies may have testimonials on their websites, but nothing replaces the experience of speaking with a satisfied customer directly on the phone. Another key reference would be any professional companies or organizations that the moving company may be a part of. Again, if they do not seem willing to provide these types of references, you should consider another mover.

What kind of deposit does the company require, and what is the timeline for relocation?

There are two things that will be absolutely crucial for you to understand before hiring any Toronto movers. The first is in terms of the costs associated with the move. If a mover states that they require full payment upfront, you should keep looking. You should never pay the full cost of your move prior to the start of the relocation. The second critical issue is the timeline for the move. Know ahead of time how long the moving company plans to take for the project and what exactly will be involved.