Hello everyone! Along with our moving company Toronto, let's talk about how may you get your medical records from your physician when you need it, for example when moving to different city.

Healthcare records contain important information about your health background like your diagnoses and symptoms, your analyzes and much more. This document is usually stored at the doctor's office and is not that easy to get it.

Our Moving Company Toronto wants to give you some guidelines on how to obtain it when there is a need.

Step one:

Think about were did you see you doctor last time. The fact is that every province has their own requirements. As an example, in case you meet your physician in Calgary, Alberta, you would then have to consult with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

Step two:

Call your province's College of Physicians and Surgeons to find all the information about requirements in your province, how long they keep your record and how could you get the medical data. You can find a tool free phone number by doing Google search. One example is in Ontario the documentation keeping standard is Ten years from the last visit to your physician. You should contact this organization especially in case your doctor is now retired or passed away since your last visit.

Step three:

Speak to your health practitioner and request a duplicate of your medical records. Or you can contact your doctor on paper. The office might hand you your record or send it directly to your new doctor if you have one.

Step four:

In case you didn't get any answer, again contact the College of Physicians and Surgeons. They are able to send out the case to the Superior Court of Justice and request for access to the doctor's executor of estate.

Remember that the procedure for obtaining your medical records might be long that is why we advise you to start this a few month before your move. Good luck and our moving company Toronto wishes you to see your doctor as rare as possible!