Moving When Pregnant

Moving is a stress filled event most of the times especially if you are about to give birth to your baby! And doesn't matter how many months are left until your due date, all those worries about upcoming move, can make you feel completely frustrated. Our Long Distance Movers Toronto have some suggestions for you if you are in a same situation. Hope these tips will help you feel more comfortable during your move.

1. Try to stay organized. Your body's hormones are already flaming, so try to be calm by start by making a listing of everything you should do. Give yourself more time than usually it takes. Determine realistic work deadlines.

2. Try to pack ahead of time even if it's one or two month earlier! It might feel strange, but you will be grateful to yourself once moving day comes. You can always rely on professional long distance movers Toronto, who will be happy to help you to pack your things and relief you from additional stress. Just be sure to give them right guidelines. In case you decided to pack by yourself don't hesitate to ask your family or friends to help you. Remember that in your situation you have to avoid lifting heavy items and overwork.

3. Tag your boxes. Remember, that “pregnancy brain” functions weird, so label and write the content of each box in details.

4. Once again long distance movers Toronto advises you to accept help from your relatives and friends. You need any support either moral or physical.

5. Make some research about your new neighborhood. It will be beneficial for you to know where are banks, restaurants, food store, walking clinics etc.

6. If you wish or have to change your doctor after moving, please think of that in advance. Inquire your present doctor/midwife should they have referrals in your new area and contact your new doctor. Make sure you've got copies of the medical records as well as your pre-natal file.

7. Make a box with the necessary things for three days. You might want to have some items necessary for your pregnant body like, body pillow, blanket, special food, books, lotion etc easy to find upon arriving to your new home.

Most important - Take care of yourself and always take time for yourself and your baby! Continue to take some naps, walks, yoga classes, massage etc. Enjoy your life in your new home and best of luck!!!