What if Your Neighbor is Too Noisy

Hi everyone! Together with movers in Toronto we are continuing to share the experience with noisy neighbors. We will try to advice what to do in this situation with all of those who needs a solution! So, if your neighbor is a night party lover and his loud music doesn't stops all night along, let's take some actions  to stop it.

  1. First, wouldn't be bad to speak with your neighbor in a friendly manner, but insisting to stop this behavior, hoping that he might not be aware that he causes so many troubles for you.
    • Be respectful and ethical. Make clear the problem. A good way to start conversation would be  delicately  to ask the reason why they're being so noisy.
    • Specify what is your request for them.
    • You can suggest  a compromise solution. For example they could  use ear buds, or turn down before  specific times of day?
    • Don't forget about your safety. Should you have any concerns about it - take somebody with you to witness the talk. But if you feel any danger from your neighbor - just leave.
  2. Make some notes with all the details of your conversation to prove your attempt to solve the situation yourself and peacefully. You can even tape your conversation.
  3. If the problem remains - write a complaint to your neighbor. Together with Movers in Torontowe  have advised how to compose the letter in one of our previous blogs.
    • Just remember to be polite and state the result you are expecting from your neighbor.
    • Keep a copy for your record.
  4.  Collect evidences: record or tape when it happens, its volume, how much time it lasts, maybe how this affect you (kids are crying, the dog is barking etc.)
  5.  If nothing works, get in touch with the local authorities.