How to Find or Change Your Family Doctor After Moving to a New Community

Hello everybody! This time our moving company Toronto picked another important topic for those who are moving  to a new community, city or even province and also will be interesting for newcomers to Canada too. It is about how to find or how to change your family doctor.

Here are some instructions provided by Toronto moving companies that might help you with this problem.


  1. Search for a new physician in your new area. You can use Yellow pages, internet sites or your follow your friend's advice.
  2. After that  call doctor's office to find out if he will accept you as a new patient. Is good to have  ready  listing of questions you might want to ask about work hours, hospital affiliation etc.
  3. Then book an appointment with your new physician. After you choose your new doctor, speak to your present doctor about your relocation and your  need  to switch physicians. Maybe you have to sign  approval in order to enable the officeto pass your information to your new physician. Don't forget to cancel  any upcoming appointments you might have booked with your old health care professional.

Now some Tips from Moving Company Toronto:

  • Looking for new doctor, make a list of few of them  you're considering. In case your best choice fails, you will have other option to choose from.
  • Tell  to your new physician about any treatments you might be going through now. Talk about the continuation or maybe an alternative method of treatment.