Picking a Storage Facility

Man, we North Americans possess so much  stuff that can't sometimes fit it inside our properties. Well, we consulted  some  professional Toronto moving companies  to find some good tips regarding how to choose a storage space. So, please take a look to find some useful info about that if you need to move your stuff into a storage.

Tip #1:

The very first thing you should establish is how big the storage area should be. Just imagine a cube ( better in 3D) and all the possibilities to stack your items, like shelves for example. In this way, saving the space you will not have to pay extra  money for extra space.

Tip #2:

Now think about  the most beneficial storage alternative to suit your needs. Self storage normally gives a drive-up option that you drive your vehicle up to your current spot and may  conveniently move things into it. Be ready to have a dolly or a cart in case this self-storage has few levels..

Tip #3:

Now is about the time to search for prices. It depends of type of storage and area.

Tip #4:

Toronto Moving Companies advises not to  decide on a unit near the elevator. Those are usually a lot high priced. Also think well if you really need some fancy facilities like climate-controller, especially if you have to keep some boxes and a couch there.

Tip #5:

Better think of safety facilities like operating video cameras. Also pay attention on  business hrs and find out if it will be possible for you to access your unit after business hr.

Tip #6:

Consider that sometimes it is better to choose the option to pay for few month ahead rather than month to month, cause it might be cheaper.

Tip #7:

Always feel free to ask for deals and discounts!  Remember that "Consumers take advantage of the power of competition"!


If you have some more tips just feel free to post your comment below. Best regards!