If You Are New to School

Long Distance Movers Toronto prepared this little guide for the kids going to switch the school. We hope it will help your kids to feel more comfortable and confident after moving to new community and new school.

Changing the school is not that simple like it could be imagined by adults. It is like starting over again. Tell your kid that he/she might come to feel:

  • Sad or upset about leaving their school or buddies
  • Excited about new life and opportunities
  • Nervous about being forced to make new friends

These feelings are something very usual and common. Being new to school the kid might  stress about following:

Fitting in.

It is a number one problem for most of the kids.  It often takes more time to fit in than everybody expects and wishes. It's normal for a new kid to seem like an outsider  at the beginning. It is hard, but it is always good to be friendly, to smile and try to ask questions.

It may be difficult  to meet new folks, but remind to your kid that his old  friendships didn't grow in a single day. Promise to your kid that very soon he/she will feel more comfortable.

Making friends.

It is a big challenge. Tell to your kid to be more attentive to people. First of all he can meet new friends in class. She/he just have to be more active and try to participate in class activities, sport games and try to talk to the people. Also he/she might meet new friend in neighborhood. Maybe his/her next door neighbor will be the BFF! Just try to find something in common and not be too shay.


Many students are concerned about worry about their grades  once they switch schools. Your kid might get behind especially if you moved in the middle of the school year. Advice to your kid to talk to the teacher for some help.

By the way - New teachers.

It is another problem for your too sensitive kid. It takes time to adjust to new teacher's methods, rules and way of teaching. BE supportive and maybe meet the teacher together with your kid to get familiar with all these in order to avoid any misunderstandings and get rid of any worries.