The Best Way to Be a Friendly Neighbor

Making the effort to build good relationship with all your neighbors has lots of advantages. The neighborhood will became more friendly, safe and peaceful, and the place more comfy to live on.

Here's a few simple rules of conduct that will help to establish and maintain friendly relations with your neighbors:

  1. Always greet with neighbors!
  2. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors.
  3. Think about your neighbors' way of living.
  4. Be familiar with shared walls.
  5. Take control of your pet. Remember that most annoying about pet for your neighbors might be: your dog's bark, your dog running unleashed and if you don't clean up after your dog.
  6. Follow car parking rules. Don't block your neighbor!
  7. Notify your neighbor about your party events and don't stay noisy after 10 PM.
  8. Maintain your lawn neat.
  9. Take control of your BBQ or back yard fireplace. Try not to allow the smoke to go to a neighbor.
  10. Talk with your neighbor. You can minimize your conversation to a "Hi", "Bye" and "nice weather", but it is better than avoiding your neighbor
  11. Share the information with your neighbor and you will get some more beneficent info.
  12. Help your neighbor!

GTA Movers wish you good luck in establishing friendly relations with neighbors!