The Main Rules When Booking the Elevator, Toronto

There are some specific moments to consider when moving from a building, based on life experience and advises from Toronto moving companies. Actually there are only two important steps you should do in this situation: to prepare your apartment for final inspection and make a reservation for the elevator.

When planning to move, the first thing you should do is getting all the information from your building management about this procedure, because each owner has his individual rules besides those general ones. Toronto moving companies encourage you to take into consideration and remember following about elevator reservation:

  1. Warn your landlord in advance that you need an elevator reservation for certain day and hour and for how long. It can be a verbal or written agreement.
  2. Remember that the busiest period of time is last and first day of the month. That is why is better to plan this in advance, about two month before your moving day. In addition it could be some time limitations, for example, the elevator is mostly available for moving purposes from 9:AM to 5:PM. Plus, some building managements  give you time limit for moving, for example, for one bedroom apartment - 1 Hr, for two bedroom - 2 Hrs etc.
  3. Also remember that some owners might ask you for the deposit check in case of any damages during your moving. 
  4. There is another moment to consider. The elevators breaks ....sometimes.... and hopefully it would not occur on your moving day, however think of this too.

So, together with Toronto moving companies we can conclude the main rule when booking the elevator: do it in advance!