Moving Personal Computer

When the moving day is just about the corner, you almost certainly have your checklists and packaging stuff ready, dreaming about your future life in your brand new home..

When it is time for the main activity - packing - you will want to be sure that all your stuff is securely prepared for the shifting. Especially the things like your personal computer. Regardless of whether you will pack it by yourself, or using professional long distance movers help - this should be done perfectly.

You are aware that being sloppy with your own PC, can result in hardware malfunction or harm, that may happen during transportation.

The long distance movers advises you're going with the pursuing methods any time packing your personal computers:

  • Initially, generate back-ups of all crucial computer data documents. Keep them with all the original software disks in a lock-box or any other solid box.

Next, ensure there aren't any floppies in the devices. Place an old floppy disc and close the driver.

  • Not less important is to pack your hard drive. You must packed the recording heads before you start moving your PC. This task normally reduces the chance of impact towards the hard disk drive.
  • Once locking systems are switched, the disk will automatically place the recording heads right into a protection sector.
  • There are computers that might require that you operate a program.
  • As soon as your drives are safe, you need to switch the device off and take off all wires on the rear of the device.
  • The most effective packing materials are computer's initial box and foam rubber. In case the main box is not readily available, look for a right size box and packing stuff, so the computer will stay still.
  • The same thing with your printer. The best packing box would be its original one. If you have to move a laser printer - take off the ink container to avoid dropping and polluting its engine. When you've got an inkjet printer, you'll need to place a sheet of paper to protect it.

Additionally, long distance movers gives few more tips:

  • Switch off your PC, disconnect it. Note each cable (where it goes). You may use different colored tape, marking which wire belongs to which device.
  • Be careful with the monitor, because it could be easy damaged. Use its original box, or apply good amount of bubble wrap and place it into a proper sized box.
  • Put your computer vertical or on its side with the mother board facet lying down on the base, to avoid lost of its interior cards. Wrap it in bubble wrap and appropriate sized box.

If you have any questions about packing your PC don't hesitate to contact our long distance moving company!