Packing for long distance moving

If you are the one among thousands planning to move out, you should know that any long distance moving is usually a nerve-racking time for all the family.

For certain you will not enjoy being worry about your stuff's safety. You can assure their safe transportation by proper packing and by use of an experienced Long Distance Movers.

Our long distance movers are ready to reveal some packing methods for you!

To start, ensure you have the next things: solid packing boxes, percolate, tissue paper and packing paper, pair of scissors, knife for opening boxes, few markers to tag the boxes, and few rolls of tape.

Doesn't matter if you are going to pack your stuff by yourself, or by using long distance mover's help, you might want to take into account the following:

  • Try to pack one particular room at once, always keeping related things with each other. Use different markers to label the boxes, but use only one color per room.
  • Always load up boxes tightly to avoid damaging.
  • Never pack combustible items.
  • Wrap each object with bubble wrap and put a coating of smashed newspaper at the base of the box for padding.
  • Always place large and weighty items at the base and the light ones on top of the box.
  • The heavy items is better to place in smaller boxes.
  • Make a separate box of necessary things you might need, after you moving to a new house.
  • You can pad boxes using your towels and linens. Remember to mark boxes with fragile objects.
  • Try not to overload boxes to be easy to lift up.
  • Keep a list of your boxes. The easiest way is to use numbers and different colors. After the boxes are unloaded, cross out those which are in the house.

Long distance movers from Carefree Moving Company are wishing you all the best in your new home!