Piano Moving in Toronto

Moving a piano is an extremely tough work which necessitates serious planning. Always have in mind that pianos are really weighty. In addition, their own coatings are more prone to scratches and other damages.

Be sure that even a tiny upright piano can weigh a lot . Grand pianos may weigh over 500 kg, but very old upright pianos will be the heaviest once. This is the reason why they are generally more unstable and a lot more challenging to move. Please, use few our advises about how safely, securely and efficiently move a Studio or Large Piano.

  1. Studio or Large Piano are probably the most popular types of piano.
    These pianos usually tend to be 58 inches wide, and as we mentioned above are heavy (from 600 pounds to half a ton). However, both small and large pianos could be moved using same technique.
    Just keep in mind that a studio piano is up to four ft . tall, but a large upright is about five foot tall that is why the center of gravity will be different.
  2. Next step you should take is planning your journey.
    Begin with clearing a path towards your destination and measuring all doors to make sure that your piano will easily fit through them.
    Have your moving vehicle open. Always use the ramp when you move the piano into the truck.
    Would be better so that you can find one helper per every 100 pounds of approximate weight of your piano to aid you.
    Ensure that every person involved in this moving uses rugged work gloves, and would be better to wear along with a thick weight-lifting support belts that might avoid any back problem.
  3. Now come to prepare the piano.
    The large upright piano models could be extremely heavy and massive being moved without tilting them in a big dolly. Once you have your piano locked down and wrapped in soft covers and tape, slowly move it to one end of the piano. With the aid of your team, carefully lean it back into the cart.
    Make sure you have enough helpers all around the dolly end of the piano, to hold its weight while it might tip back, and along the piano's sides also assure an even keel. That is an important moment to keep in mind with large pianos, because they are usually quite top-heavy.
    Ease the piano slowly by utilizing your team's help from the beginning to the end.
  4. You can now slowly move the piano.
    Along with your team holding up the mass of your piano, lead it gently through the cart towards destination. If this piano is way too high to go through an entrance, it needs to be raised and scooted carefully over the door just a few inches at one time. As soon as it is through the exit, make sure it's settled securely on your dolly before you move it again.

The easiest method to lift any items is always to make sure that your back is straight, and lift the heavy object by using your legs. Make sure absolutely everyone from your team knows and understands that.

Remember, for when you looses balance, stop any action and teach everybody how to set the piano down gently. You should make any new adjustments and try again.