Hiring a Moving Company

Should you hire a Moving Company? The answer depends on factors such as money, time, and difficulty of the move. So you weighted all the pros and cons and decided to hire a moving company for your upcoming move. Now you need to choose the right company. When it comes to your personal belongings you need to make sure you find the best and the most reliable moving company.

The first step is to do your research. We recommend starting your research online by choosing a minimum of 10 moving companies. You will need to look up their history, read testimonials, and see if they have professional website with upfront policy.

After you choose five top moving companies interview each one over the phone. It will help you to narrow down your choices to the top three. Moving estimates can be confusing, ask about the final price. Find out if the services offered meet all your needs and requirements.

Following your phone interviews you can schedule on-site visits with the top three movers. Movers will check your house hold goods and give you detailed quote. Make sure you understand the quote and ask about fees charged for any additional services.

Please be very careful with the moving companies. Signs of inexpert moving company:

  • Unusually low quote
  • Company is asking for a deposit
  • Company doesn't do on-site visits
  • Company doesn't have a company truck and uses rental truck
  • Have a very generic company name

Good luck with your move!