Office Moving

Moving an Office is time consuming, costing, and usually very expensive process. When it comes to business move the main worry that managers have is down time – move affects workers, clients, suppliers and etc. To minimize the negative impact of move, it has to be well planned.

Move is a good time to clean the clutter and sort the filing cabinet. Once records are cleaned each employee need to prepare and mark all the boxes. The last thing business needs is to lose important files. Each label needs to include: name, new location and if the information contained in the box.

It is also recommended that employees take all personal items home prior to the move. Expensive art work should be handled the person in charge. Moving company insurance usually does not cover expensive artwork cost if it is damaged during the move.

Keeping all staff informed about upcoming move is critical. Organization of a moving committee is a must when it comes to office move. Moving committee will take care of the following things:

  • Prepare moving schedule
  • Make a list of moving tasks
  • Communicate information to let customers, suppliers and other organizations know about the move
  • Inform all employees and get them involved
  • Get a moving plan and moving quotes from the business moving companies
  • Prepare a plan for the new office set-up
  • Organize technical assistance to move and install business equipment
  • Etc.

Well planned and organized business move will insure down time and losses are minimal.