Moving Tips

Yes, we will be happy to provide you with anything you might need for your move. We will also come and pack your belongings if needed. Our prices are competitive.

We assign a team of movers based on the size of the apartment or office. We have found that two movers for a small to average size apartment and three movers for large four to five bedroom home is the perfect amount of labor for a standard residential move. In order to keep our rates competitive, we need to keep the teams size down to two or three movers per move. Our staff is highly experienced and well equipped to move your possessions at a rapid pace.

The billable time starts when the team of movers arrive to your location and ends when truck is empty and all of the necessary paper work is done.

Each time frame is based on performance of 2 movers. 3 movers required for 3 bedroom apartment/house move. Total time will depend on how much needs to be done, travel time between locations, weather and traffic conditions. To save time and money do your packing in advance.

  • 1 Bedroom condo move takes 2 to 4 hours
  • 2-3 Bedroom condo move takes 3 to 6 hours
  • 2-3 Bedroom house move takes 5 to 8 hours


Please notify our office as soon as possible. If you are on our schedule, that block of time belongs to your move. If you cancel at the last minute it is impossible to schedule another customer. As professional movers we rely on maintaining our schedule ahead of time so we can maximize efficiency. You may have to pay a cancellation fee if you cancel less than 72 hours before your scheduled move. Call our office for more information.