Moving to Windsor

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Moving in and around Windsor, Ontario is easy when you let Carefree Movers do the work for you. They’re familiar with the area and the most efficient routes for transporting your belongings quickly. We can move your entire home, apartment, office, or just the big items. We’re ready when you are to serve your moving needs.

Local Windsor Movers

Local Windsor Movers

Whether you’re moving down the street or across town, your Carefree Moving team will treat you with respect and honesty. We’ll offer transparent quotes and pricing with no hidden fees. We’re from Windsor too, so you can be confident we know how to manage the challenges of the area for a carefree moving experience.

Movers from Toronto to Windsor

Movers from Toronto to Windsor

Long-distance moving can be complicated, and Carefree Moving is experienced in relocation services required for moving from Toronto to Windsor. We’ve got the problem-solving skills needed for a seamless transition and pride ourselves on being a premier moving company Toronto to Windsor.

Moving from Windsor to Toronto

Moving from Windsor to Toronto

Unlike moving servicesToronto to Windsor, coordination will be more challenging at the pick-up location. Our expert team of specialists understands what is needed to move out of the big city and high-rise buildings. We know where to park, how to move furniture and boxes down elevators, and how to navigate through busy City streets.

Moving Truck rental in Windsor

Two truck rental options

Carefree Moving offers a new, innovative approach to moving. Now hire a full team with movers, driver, and truck as you’re accustomed to doing or hire just the truck and driver. We’re dedicated to providing the best experience of moving truck rental for moving from Toronto to Windsor with options available to help you save time and money.

1. Hiring full moving team with a truck

Pro Team at Your Service

Select a traditional service with a full team, driver and moving truck rental. With this option, we handle everything for you. Our professional movers will coordinate the relocation from start to finish for peace-of-mind and a carefree move.


2. Only renting moving truck with a driver

Driving Your Move Your Way

Select a moving truck rental with driver option for a unique experience. This option saves time and money. Our driver brings the truck to you and delivers everything to the final destination. You load and unload, saving the expense of extra movers.


Full-Service Movers

Carefree is one of the top moving companies Toronto to Windsor so we are prepared to help you with the entire job including packing. No need to hunt for boxes or packing materials, we’ll bring everything that’s needed. We’ll save you time from sorting through every memento and label every box so you can find what you need later.

Check Our Supplies

Packing Supplies for Windsor Movers
Windsor Moving Truck

Important Equipment

We’re only as good as our trucks are so we make sure our vehicles are always clean and in good working order. We have a fleet of trucks in a variety of sizes to fit your specific needs. Our team of movers are fully vetted, professional and experienced. You can trust your cherished possessions will reach their destination safe and secure.

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Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Movers Toronto To Windsor

Windsor has become a moving destination of many people today because of its weather conditions, beautiful setting, welcoming people and inexpensive houses. Still, moving to Windsor from Toronto can be challenging and hence the need to engage the services of a moving company to aid you in the process. However, there are many moving companies and it can be easy to fall prey to rogue ones who are after making a fortune while offering deficient moving services. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in your quest and choose movers who offer quality services at an affordable price. Here are things to consider when choosing the best movers Toronto to Windsor.

Windsor Moving company

Relocation Rates

Moving quotes are usually based on the weight of your belongings, moving distance, taxes, insurance and other additional services. Hence, it is important to choose a company that will understand your budget, the amount of your possessions and be willing to provide the best moving services for you. Aside, there is a way that you can turn the moving process inexpensive, especially by packing on your own and comparing quotes from different companies.

Company’s Reputation

Establishing the reputation of a moving company when moving to Windsor doesn’t necessarily imply checking adverts, it goes far to the extent of knowing what other customers say about it. Therefore, ask for references from potential movers and contact former customers to establish the truth. Additionally, establish if the company is accredited or licensed to provide relocation services. 

Company’s Resources

Moving to Windsor implies that you have to choose a company with resources that can suit your individual moving needs. Moreover, you need to understand what resources they have for your unique belongings such as a piano, motorcycle, office files and even bulky furniture. Therefore, make sure they are equipped with enough and varying moving trucks, advanced handling equipment and qualified staff to make your relocation simple, easier and without mistakes.

On Time Pick-Up and Delivery

When moving from Toronto to Windsor, understand that movers can help you a great deal, but be careful in your selection to avoid getting disappointed in the end.

The movers should show the ability to care for your possessions, be ready to plan and organize with you a suitable date and make the process swift and satisfying.

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Our People

Taking teamwork to a new level, our staff performs efficiently throughout the entire process.

Our Experience

We’ve moved hundreds of families and businesses and earned a reputation as a top-tier moving company.

Our Pricing

Competitive, transparent quotes and pricing with no hidden fees, are the keys to our success.

Our Services

No job is too large or too small—we can pack and move an entire household or office or just move the big items.