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Local Oshawa moving

Moving Close in Oshawa

Local moves are easy as 1, 2, 3 for Carefree Movers. Easy scheduling, packaged pricing, professional movers, and no-hassle relocation services make moving in and around Oshawa fast and efficient. You'll be amazed at just how smooth the process can be.

Oshawa Office Relocation Services

Carefree Moves Oshawa Offices Too

Whatever the reason for your move—need a bigger space, lost your lease, want a better location—Carefree Movers knows you can't waste any time getting to the new place. We provide comprehensive moving services to pack, disassemble, transport, reassemble and unpack your entire office space so you can get back to business.

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Long Distance Services in Oshawa

Far-Away Destinations

Whether you're moving to Oshawa or away from Oshawa, Carefree Movers understands that moving away from everything that's familiar can be strange and scary. Our friendly team of specialists and movers will do everything they can to make your move stress free and a smooth transition.

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Specialized Piano Moving in Oshawa

Specialty Piano Moving in Oshawa

Moving a piano is a delicate job and something that should be left to professionals. Carefree Movers has a team that specializes in just this task. They have the right tools, moving equipment, protection materials, piano skid board and straps to handle the move without a scratch to your valuable instrument.

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Moving Truck rental in Oshawa

Two truck rental options

Carefree Moving offers a new, innovative approach to moving. Now hire a full team with movers, driver, and truck as you’re accustomed to doing or hire just the truck and driver. We’re dedicated to providing the best experience of moving truck rental in Oshawa with options available to help you save time and money.

1. Hiring full moving team with a truck

Pro Team at Your Service

Select a traditional service with a full team, driver and moving truck rental. With this option, we handle everything for you. Our professional movers will coordinate the relocation from start to finish for peace-of-mind and a carefree move.


2. Only renting moving truck with a driver

Driving Your Move Your Way

Select a moving truck rental with driver option for a unique experience. This option saves time and money. Our driver brings the truck to you and delivers everything to the final destination. You load and unload, saving the expense of extra movers.


Oshawa Movers and Packers

Whether you have a lot to pack or a little, it takes time to do. Wouldn't it be great if someone could do it for you? Well, Carefree Movers can. We'll send our packing team in with all the materials needed to wrap, pack, label, and box up every room in your house.

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Packing Supplies for Oshawa Movers
Oshawa Moving Truck

Moving Tips

Moving can be challenging, especially when you have children and pets. There are so many ways they can be hurt or lost when there's trucks, equipment, obstacles, and open doors - not to mention how scary all the disruption can be. Keep them safe by finding a place for them to stay while the movers are in your home. Things will go faster, too, if you don't have to worry or watch over them.

Now you've got all the information you need to get moving. Go to the Carefree Movers website and request your online quote today so you can make your Oshawa move soon.

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What You Need to Know When Choosing an Oshawa Moving Company

Professional moving companies in Oshawa should have a website with a local address and phone number. Be cautious of companies that only have a post office box or 800 number. Always read reviews, check for complaints and how the company responded. Get at least three estimates to be sure you're getting the best Oshawa moving company rates for the services you need.

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Oshawa Moving company

Moving to Oshawa?

If you're moving to Oshawa, you'll be happy to know residents there enjoy an amazing quality of life. It's situated on the Lake Ontario shoreline about 60km east of Toronto in Southern Ontario, and is known as the eastern anchor of the GTA.

Oshawa's rich culture, easy access to major highways and transportation, robust urban landscape as well as its contrasting green space with it many parks and trails, make it a city fit for anyone and everyone.

It's home to many local lacrosse, basketball, rugby, football and the most well-known—the Oshawa Generals hockey team. With famous alumni like Bobby Orr, Eric Lindros, Dave Andreychuk and Wayne Cashman, this city is the perfect place to live for sports enthusiasts.

We know you're anxious to get going, so give Carefree Movers a call.