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Regardless of whether it's a cozy apartment or a sprawling office, you're entitled to an effortless and effective moving experience.

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Carefree Moving will walk you through the cream of the crop when it comes to Etobicoke movers, covering everything from local relocations to cross-country moves, specialized services for pianos and artwork, and even handy truck rental options. Ready to find the ideal moving solution for your requirements?

Choosing the perfect moving company might seem like a daunting task, but with professionals like Carefree Movers Etobicoke, it's a breeze. Our top-notch services offer versatile solutions for moves of all types, from local to cross-country, and even specialized item transport. We bring almost 20 years of experience to the table, an insured team, and always put customer satisfaction first.

When you're on the hunt for the best moving service provider, it's important to ensure they offer state-of-the-art facilities and personalized assistance that caters to your specific needs. Our staff has access to advanced tools and is punctual for pick-ups and deliveries to avoid any complications down the line. As one of the premier moving companies Etobicoke has to offer, Carefree takes pride in providing these essential elements to make the moving process as stress-free as possible.

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Local Movers in Etobicoke

Local Movers in Etobicoke

Our movers in Etobicoke have the expertise to ensure that your move goes without a hitch. Carefree's comprehensive moving services and stress-free approach offer convenience for all of your relocation needs, including packing and transportation. We handle possessions with utmost care so you can rest assured knowing they’ll be safe throughout the process.

The cost associated with two local professional movers Etobicoke is $120 - $140 /hour depending on what type of service you need. View our transparent pricing policy or get a free quote for your local Etobicoke movers.

The 2 guys did an excellent job
The 2 guys did an excellent job
The 2 guys did an excellent job! We were very impressed with how they handled everything. Very professional+efficient!
Moving from London to Etobicoke
Long Distance Moving from Etobicoke

Long Distance Moving from Etobicoke

If you’re relocating outside of Etobicoke, then long-distance moving services are available. Our top movers in the area can offer efficient and swift moves throughout Canada so that your belongings arrive at their destination securely. Optionally, we even have dedicated storage vaults for labelling items correctly before loading them up safely. For peace of mind during a move over a large distance, Carefree professionals handle the job with precision and care - whether it’s an entire truckload or one item!

The quote for hiring two professional movers for a long-distance relocation from Etobicoke ranges between $120 and $140 per hour, contingent on the specific services you require. Check out our clear-cut pricing policy or request a free quote for your local Etobicoke movers.

Awesome service+very helpful
Awesome service+very helpful
Awesome service+very helpful.
Moving from Etobicoke to Brampton
Specialized Item Moves in Etobicoke

Specialized Item Moves:
From Pianos to Artwork

For any items that are valuable or fragile, such as artwork and pianos, our Etobicoke movers team offer custom moving services to guarantee the safe transfer of these possessions. Moving with caution and utilizing appropriate equipment is what sets professional movers apart in guaranteeing a successful outcome for our customer’s valuables arriving undamaged.

We proved to be an efficient and professional company during this whole process. We took every precaution to prevent damage and loss, and we were ready to take responsibility and solve any issues that might have arisen during the move. This is how we proved to be an efficient and professional Etobicoke moving company.

How We work

Everything You Need for a Seamless Move

As an Etobicoke moving company we specialize in providing worry-free moves by offering a wide range of services for all your moving needs. Carefree Moving is well equipped with the proper tools and equipment to disassemble furniture, provide packing supplies, employ specialized techniques for packing and utilize heavy duty blankets for transporting your items safely to any office or new home. We also offer storage solutions as part of their offerings.

Disassembling & Reassembling

Our Etobicoke movers provide helpful services for disassembling and assembling furniture when moving. Through using different tools and approaches, we can quickly take apart beds, tables or any other pieces of furniture, which makes transporting them easier during the process. Usually it takes at least a couple of hour to break down and reassemble items so you save time on your relocation day with help from our movers’ expert assistance.

Packing Supplies

Our moving company in Etobicoke prioritizes the safety of your possessions with quality packing supplies, such as boxes for different items like household and fragile products, along with bubble wrap to protect delicate objects like glassware or electronics. Packing tape is also used in order to seal each box before it’s moved. Carefree Moving provides a variety of types of boxes depending on its purpose. Heavy-duty ones can be used for more robust belongings while lighter materials are suitable for less dense items. All these materials guarantee that anything being transported remains secure during transit.

Packing Services

Etobicoke movers make the moving process a stress-free experience with their professional packing services. Carefree Moving will provide supplies for both whole house or individual room packs, all of which include labour fees. With these experienced personnel handling your belongings combined with high quality materials, everything you pack will be prepared securely so that it is ready to go when moving day arrives!

Storage Services

Carefree Moving company in Etobicoke offers storage services to suit a wide range of needs, whether for the short or long term. These convenient solutions can be free up to one month so that you have flexibility when transitioning between homes and possessions. Your items are always stored securely during this time period until they are ready to be returned whenever needed.

Endorsed by Over 1507 Satisfied Customers

At Carefree Movers Etobicoke, over 1507 satisfied customers trust them to be both professional and efficient. Carefree Moving have earned glowing reviews for their customer service as well as transparency with prices. When you pick these excellent movers near you, rest assured that all of your belongings will safely reach your new home or office without any surprises regarding fees along the way!

From Small to Large: We Manage All Sizes of Moves in Etobicoke

No matter how big or small the move is, our moving company in Etobicoke is up to the task with our experienced and capable teams backed by specialized equipment. From local shifting of apartments and condos to long distance relocations of offices and houses - these professional movers guarantee an efficient transition while providing a hassle-free experience.

Apartment and Condo movers

Condo and Apartment Moving

Professional Etobicoke movers provide services that make relocating apartments and condos as stress-free as possible. Carefree experts will plan out the move with building managers, acquire necessary parking permits, and deliver a transparent cost estimate for an apartment relocation along with gratuity. Rest assured you can count on these professional movers to securely handle your entire move in an effective manner!

Detached and Townhouse Movers

Detached and Townhouse Moving

Etobicoke movers provide efficient and reliable services for moving both detached houses and townhouses. Our trucks are well-equipped to handle the heavy items which come with larger properties, as well as packing supplies that help ensure a trouble-free transition of all your belongings from one home to another. Carefree experts also take special measures when it comes to tight spaces in order to guarantee safe transportation every step of the way! Their experience makes them highly effective at handling any type of move quickly and efficiently, making this company an ideal choice whenever you need quality yet affordable moving services.

On time, professional, polite, efficient. Excellent service
On time, professional, polite, efficient. Excellent service
On time, professional, polite, efficient. Excellent service. Thank you.
Moving from Woodbridge to Etobicoke
Basement movers

Basement Moving

Carefree Movers Etobicoke is offering basement relocation services to those who need assistance when shifting their stuff, be it inside or outside the room. Professional movers of Carefree Moving specialize in this task and guarantee safe handling as well as transportation with all the necessary equipment plus techniques backed by years of experience. Basements can often present tight spaces so they know how to overcome such obstacles while dealing with even heavy items easily.

Office Movers

Office Moving

Businesses can count on professional moving companies in Etobicoke for a successful transition. Carefree Moving offers comprehensive commercial services that guarantee minimal disruption to your business operations during the move process. Our experienced staff equipped with specialized tools take into account all of the complexities associated with office moves while ensuring success for both you and your team.

Thanks so much! You guys were so efficient and powered through
Thanks so much! You guys were so efficient and powered through
Thanks so much! You guys were so efficient and powered through. Easy to work with. Will hire again.
Moving from Woodbridge to Etobicoke
Piano movers

Piano Moving

Carefree Mover Etobicoke utilize experienced movers with specialized equipment to guarantee the secure transportation of your beautiful instrument. We employ unique techniques and custom crates for distant moves so that they can ensure its safe arrival regardless of whether it’s a baby grand or any other piano type. The specialists behind these businesses are knowledgeable when it comes to all aspects regarding relocating pianos - you’re sure to have total peace-of-mind trusting them!

Single Item Movers

Single Item Moving

Our movers Etobicoke have various services to meet the specific needs of customers who need help with their move. Carefree Moving, for example, has been designed specifically to cater for all types of single item removals - like furniture, delicate items and heavy stoves - so that clients can feel at ease knowing they’ll receive a quality service without any extra stress or effort involved. With the right equipment and expertise in place, our full-service movers are committed to ensuring every single thing is moved safely while delivering an efficient experience overall.

Great service + great communication.
Great service + great communication.
Great service + great communication.
Moving from Mississauga to Etobicoke

Two Convenient Truck Rental Options

Our movers Etobicoke provide two useful truck rental possibilities to accommodate your individual needs: recruiting an entire relocation team with a vehicle or renting a moving truck with a driver. These truck rental alternatives give you the freedom and resources required for making sure that your move is successful, no matter if you want an all-inclusive relocating solution or something more cost effective yet convenient.

Hiring Full Moving Team with a Truck
Option 1

Hiring Full Moving Team with a Truck

Having a professional team of movers and packing supplies come to you in Etobicoke is an excellent option if you want your move managed with efficiency. Carefree Moving company offers comprehensive services that include the assistance of professionals, as well as providing top-notch packing materials.

Local moving costs will vary depending on individual needs, so it’s best to contact local movers for precise quotes according to their own offerings and prices. With all these pieces coming together smoothly, this solution provides smooth sailing during relocating - giving customers a simple yet effective experience they won’t forget!

Only Renting Moving Truck with a Driver
Option 2

Only Renting Moving Truck with a Driver

Leasing a truck with an experienced driver from Carefree Moving company can be both convenient and affordable. This option allows you to manage the packing and unpacking yourself while taking advantage of professional support behind the wheel. This means you're in control of how your items are organized and handled, giving you peace of mind knowing everything is packed to your standards.

Additionally, you can save a considerable amount on labor costs. Meanwhile, having a professional at the helm of the moving truck ensures that your belongings will be transported safely and efficiently to your new location. This is an excellent solution for those who prefer a hands-on approach to their move but still want the assurance that comes with professional expertise.

Experience these moving truck rental options in Etobicoke with Carefree Moving, where flexibility and efficiency meet to provide you with the perfect moving solution. This are one of many reasons most of our clients refer us as a best moving company in Etobicoke.


We are happy to answer!

Local movers typically charge by the hour, and with an average rate of about $120 - $140 per hour for 2 professional movers and a flat fee for the truck, which can be sufficient for the apartment move. A one-bedroom apartment relocation usually takes between three to five hours. The price includes packing/unpacking, furniture disassembly/assembly, loading/unloading, transporting and delivery of personal belongings. Check our pricing page for details and examples.

Yes, moving companies do work on weekends. We can gladly say there's no real surprise cost and extra expenses. Our moving cost gauges are ideal without the adjustments on weekends and week days. But since the weekend is the time when most people choose to move, movers are busier. This means you might find it harder to get at reliable moving companies last minute. Weekends often book up quicker, specially at summer and during the first and last weekends of a month that's the busiest time for moving companies.

Provided that your dresser can be moved in an upright position, the drawers should be fine. If we need to take a dresser up a curving staircase or turn it on to its side to fit through a doorway, then the drawers will need to get emptied.

Yes, moving companies do disassemble furniture. Disassembling and reassembling any type of furniture requires Knowledge and tools. If you're someone who never disassembled or assembled furniture you can cause more damage than good to yourself and your furniture.
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