City/Town: Toronto

Are you planning a long distance move from Toronto to another city within Canada? Are you concerned about the upcoming event?

To avoid stress and hectic moments when moving for a long distance, it’s advisable to hire a reputable long distance moving company. There is nothing to worry about when you have an experienced long distance moving company on your side!
Our long distance moving company Toronto is always happy to assist you when you decide to move across Canada! Give us a call and one of our long distance moving specialist will be pleased to plan your move, to offer you a free long distance moving quotation and answer to all of your questions.

Our long distance moving company provides its clients with:

  • Professional, licensed and properly equipped long distance movers;
  • Experienced furniture assemblers.



We will discuss with you all of the details concerning your long distance moving such as packing material, ideal size of the moving truck as well as the number of long distance movers you would need for the moving day and all of your personal requirements.


Our professional long distance movers will prepare your belongings for the long distance transportation, including disassembly of the furniture and any type of packing.



After that, all of your stuff will be loaded inside the truck. All the furniture and large household objects will be properly secured inside the truck with special belts to prevent any damages during the transportation. When it comes to long distance moving, we have a good reputation of handling your items for maximum safety and protection. Many of the Canada residents can bare witness that we are among the best long distance moving companies in Toronto. In addition, we do insure your belongings from one location to another while on transit by offering a $30,000 transit protection insurance plan.


All your belongings will be loaded in to a clean truck and you won't be sharing your truck load with someone else. Upon arrival at the final destination our long distance movers will bring your furniture and belongings to your new home, unpack, assemble and arrange the furniture upon your request without any additional charges.

According to many long distance movers reviews, we are the only company with the best long distance movers rates in Toronto.

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The total charge for your long distance moving will include:

  • Price per hour labor for long distance movers only applies to the time used for loading and unloading;
  • One-time fixed fee for truck, fuel, mileage and time to takes to travel from point A to point B.


For all your long distance relocations, Carefree Moving is the best long distance moving company to give you an enjoyable journey and safety. Feel free to call us today on (416) 848-4561 for a free moving quotation. Our long distance movers will assure you of a carefree long distance moving experience.