Everyone knows that Toronto is among the largest cities of Canada, situated in Ontario's southern part. Toronto is the fourth most populated and multicultural city in North America and is the heart of the Greater Toronto Area.

However, few knows the real history of this terrific city.

When Europeans first had reached Toronto's land, it was populated by the Huron tribes, who before that chased out the Iroquois's tribes which lived there for hundreds of years before c. 1500

So, Toronto's history dates back to the 18th century, when the land of present-day Toronto was sold to British. They had settled here and named their new home Town of York. Famous Sr.J.G.Simcoe gave him status of Upper Canada's capital.

In 1834 Town of York was renamed in Toronto. This name is probably coming from the Iroquois word "tkaronto", which means "place where trees stand in the river" .

The City went through many difficulties like for instance, robberies of 1812 or damages due to enormous fires in 1849 and 1904.

Toronto is often compared with American New York City. Here is everything for everybody: restaurants to the most exacting taste, theaters, museums, a expensive shops and boutiques, movie theaters and all-all-all that only the soul can desire.

Here you might meet any famous person or a super-stars from around the world, which are often visiting to Toronto with their concerts. You might love or dislike this City, but you will never be indifferent when moving to Toronto.

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